Welcome, come in, make yourself at home

I do realise that the last time I threw open the doors of this blog, I handed out some drinks, hopped up to change the music every five minutes and then disappeared to the kitchen with an over-the-shoulder ‘I’ll just get some snacks’ before legging it out of the window, never to be seen again.


In the meantime, I’ve been parenting, perfecting the art of Being A Bit Funny On Facebook, and generally bewailing the fact that I am over-educated and under-fulfilled whilst making absolutely no attempt to fix the problem.

Oh, and I’ve also been drinking.

And then I stopped drinking, and I started writing through that experience, and I remembered that I quite like writing.  So here I am once again.  Parenting, politics, sobriety and quite possibly a lot of self-indulgent digression.

You guys up for that?



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